Wall Gallery Design


Blank walls make me sad. Beautiful images stuck on a computer make me even sadder. Let's all agree artwork does not belong on a computer and your walls should be not be blank.

Now that we are in agreement your photography is ART and should not be stuck on a computer, let's continue! For all my photography clients that want to create a gallery wall, I use special software to create mock upsof their walls with the images from their session. With this software, I can show you how different sizes, styles, and layouts will look on your walls. I can even change the width and color of the frames!

Family photos should be displayed as a reminder of that love and commitment you feel towards your family It's sometimes hard to remember just how fast kids grow up. Having a beautiful and artful record of your family displayed in your home is what makes your home unique from the neighbors. It's what makes it HOME.

Click through the videos to watch me design walls in a playroom, child's room, and living area. This service is included for all of my family, wedding, and senior photography clients.


Canvases or framed prints?

Canvases, metals, framed prints, standouts... oh my!  They are all amazing wall art products so which one is right for YOUR walls in YOUR home? I can design a wall showing you ALL these options in a ton of different sizes and layouts. Watch the video below to view a playroom wall design that shows you how four large framed prints compared to five smaller canvases. 

SIZE matters!

It is sometimes hard to picture how a single image will look on your walls with your furniture. Many times, an 11x14 sounds like a good size enlargement, but once you see it in place, it might appear too small for your wall. Throw in framing variables, like width and color and a simple, one image wall design, becomes even more complicated! Watch the video below to see how size matters!

Eclectic wall design

If you are anything like me, you ooohhh and ahhhh and pin dozens of eclectic wall galleries to a Pinterest page (Uhhh... I might have over 600 pins on my "Wall Gallery Inspiration" page). But actually designing an eclectic wall is not as easy as it looks! Save your walls from looking like Swiss cheese and have me pre-design an eclectic wall gallery of your favorite photos. I can even incorporate existing artwork!