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Senior Sessions Information

Senior Photography in the Houston area, including The Woodlands, Cypress, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, Tomball, Kingwood, and Conroe.

I believe in creating the most natural and beautiful versions of seniors and not in making them look like anything other than themselves. A senior photo session should be FUN and you should feel like the best version of yourself.

Your senior year of high school is such a pivotal time in your life. You are on the cusp of adulthood and you want to be able to look back at your senior pictures and remember YOU. Not some overly made up, fake version of yourself, but the YOU that is beautiful just the way you are.  By taking honest and beautiful pictures, you will feel confident and empowered when you receive your senior portraits. The Woodlands is where I do many of my senior sessions, but I love to travel throughout the city of Houston. Senior photography sessions are designed to include your interests, should you have hobbies that are an important part of your lives. Been riding horses since you were four? Let’s do part of your session at the stables! This does not mean that every picture will be equestrian in nature, but we definitely want to include exactly what you are passionate about. If you a dancer, bring those pointe shoes and tutu! Maybe you are a musician? Together, we will creatively collaborate and find way to incorporate the music that is such a big part of your life into your senior portraits.

Beautiful and unique night portrait of a high school senior in The Woodlands, Texas by spryART photography.

I've seen some night portraits on your site. how do those work? does it cost extra?

I love shooting in that dusky time right before sunset when the sun is setting and the sky turns those awesome shades of pink and purple, and right after sunset when it has gotten dark!  We typically work night pictures in after a regular session. The best night portraits are done in areas where there are interesting and colorful lights in the background, which are typically found in more urban areas. 

Since I typically do night portraits at the end of a regular shoot, there is no additional cost, and they counted as part of your regular session.   Night portraits do require special equipment, so you would need to ensure we have discussed and planned for some after-dark images!Night portraits are fun and totally unique and can help set your senior images apart from the crowd! 

Senior night portrait in The Woodlands, Texas by spryART photography.

Do you include hair and makeup? what if i want to do my own?

Hair and makeup is absolutely available if you want it. I have partnered with some of the best hair and makeup artists in The Woodlands. Senior pictures can be stunning without professional hair and makeup as some seniors like to do their own and are very talented in that regard, and some prefer very little makeup (or none!) . And that’s OK! I do not require it and have taken some absolutely breathtaking images of girls without a stitch of makeup on.

How long are senior portrait sessions?

This depends. Will we be traveling to areas just within your city or will we go other parts of Houston?  Senior photography sessions do not have a time limit, butI will typically shoot for about 1.5-2 hours. I have done up to four locations in one shoot.

Do you photograph boys?

Yes! I do not have many of them in my portfolio, as the majority of my senior photography is girls.

Outdoor photo shoot featuring high school seniors and best friends in The Woodlands, Texas by spryART photography.

Can I bring a friend or sibling?

YES! I love it when friends/sisters/cousins share sessions. This can work in one of two ways. We can structure the session so that we do a few shots of you with your friend/sibling/cousin, then spend the majority of the remaining time photographing you individually, or we can split the session between yourself and friend/cousin/sibling. If we do split a session, just remember you will not have as many individual shots as you would if you were not sharing a session.  

What's the process? How much do senior sessions cost?

Pricing is the same for senior sessions as it is for family/kid sessions. When you reserve your session, you pay the initial creative fee of $350 that is due up front to reserve your session. This does include a $200 product credit that you can use when it is time to purchase products.  The other $150 is for my time spent shooting and editing. The creative fee that you pay up front does NOT include any digital images, as those are considered separate products. Some clients like to have digitals, while some prefer tangible products, such as albums, graduation cards, canvases etc. Other clients like a combination of digital and tangible products!

Two to three weeks after your session, you will be sent a link to view your gallery. These images in your gallery have been culled and edited (color enhancement, blemish removal etc). Once you view your gallery, we begin the ordering process. Most clients like to have an ordering session at my office, so they can see all of the products and sizes while they are ordering. While this is highly recommended, it is not required. 

Please note that when it is time to purchase products, there is a $500 minimum. spryART offers all kinds of amazing products, from canvases, to albums, to graduation cards, to prints on metal. I highly encourage anyone interested to stop by my office to look at the products in person sometime before the session.