Ah, come on!

Do we have to take professional photos?

In my opinion, yes … yes, you do. You’re making a commitment to those you love by creating time to celebrate each other and your bond. It’s important!

Everyone likes a list! So, here’s my short list of why I think professional family photos are a must. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you the details. Bottom line is … it’s not about being the perfect family or creating the perfect family photo. It’s about choosing a photographer that allows and encourages you to BE YOUR FAMILY.

I’m that photographer!


one. the time is now.

You and your family are perfect today. Just the way you are. Crooked teeth. An extra ten pounds. Kid made bangs. Maybe braces? That facial hair experiment gone wrong or ... right? Did someone say - pimples? Don’t wait. Life is short! These are the moments to capture. Not only are you documenting growth, you’re providing visual memories and maybe some laughs for future generations. #CarpeDiem


two. you’re worth it.

“We don’t need to pay that much for good photos! Our cellphone photos are just fine.” Please, I’m begging you … stop saying this. And, please stop believing it. Professional photos are always better. They just are. Investing in images that tell a story and represent your family dynamic are priceless. I love creating lasting photos that remind you just how colorful your world is because of your family. #MyFamJam


Feature 3

three. it’s fun!

I know, I know. The thought of coordinating schedules, outfits and attitudes to gather the entire family for a photo session can be daunting … just one more to-do. But, it’s all about the approach. Think of it as a group project. A bonding experience. Ask your family for input on locations, colors and clothing. Even let them choose their outfits … “OMG, did you just say that?!” I promise you, the more you involve them the easier it will be. And, I offer pre-shoot consultations to help with these decisions. Once we’re all together, I know how to keep things moving and light. No one wants to endure hours and hours of photos or forced smiles. Even when a toddler decides picture day is the time for his biggest meltdown, it’s ok. Remember … I have five kids. I’ve got this! #NoStress